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1 year - 3 years

In the Toddler rooms, we offer nurturing, playful, learning environment.  Your child will learn while having fun using our hands-on discovery-based methods.  In the Toddler rooms, we follow a similar schedule and structure that can be found in our Preschool classroom. We provide your child activities to develop social, cognitive, motor and self-help skills on a daily basis.  As a teacher, we interact with your child during individual and small group time.  We also have a present daily schedule, which provides the students with the comfort of knowing what comes next. 


Communication is very important at The Smart Start. Brightwheel allows us to communicate electronically with the parents and each classroom has a daily written/verbal communication log with parents and teachers. We know that every child learns in different ways and we establish a partnership with parents to help their child reach their full potential.  We love teaching and knowing that we are the ones to guide your child through their developmental exploration.

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