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Over 5 Club

Over 5 years

School age children at The Smart Start Preschool and Learning Center will follow a flexible daily schedule that meets the individual needs of the diverse population served by our program.  The program will provide adequate opportunities for creative, recreational and restful activities as appropriate to meet the needs of the individual school age child. We will serve students both before and after school depending on the needs of the parent and student.


Children will be able to choose the activities they participate in while here at the center. The children will have an opportunity to complete and get extra help with homework. They will get to choose from a variety of activities including creative and artistic, physical and musical activities. There will be a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Some outdoor activities will include sports and other outdoor games. The children will get a chance to work in large groups as well as small groups both indoors and out. Some small group activities are, but not limited to, building blocks, puzzles, reading books, playing games, creating artwork and projects, reviewing for the big test, writing, creating and playing. Large group activities are, but not limited to, performing in a talent show, playing games, putting on a play, and reading to the younger students in the school.


Character Education is a big part of The Smart Start’s before/after school care program as well. There will also be many activities which will enhance the children’s self-concept as well as lessons on getting along with others, celebrating people’s differences and bullying.


They will also be given a snack when they arrive to the center. The snacks will be nutritional in value.


There will also be special events like field trips outside of the center as well as “in-school field trips.” We will bring in entertaining as well as educational groups to enhance the school age program.


Care for school age students is available before school, after school, during school vacations/holidays and during the summer. To learn more about our summer program please click on the summer camp link.


Students in the Westwoods school district can take the bus to and from The Smart Start.

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