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3 years - 4 years

This time in your child's life is very important.  It's a time to learn the basics of life.  Our goal is to prepare your child for their education.  It's a long road to travel and this is just the beginning.  At the Smart Start, we want to help your child grow not only physically but cognitively, emotionally, and socially.


Socially, we want to help your child know what is expected of them.  This is your child's first classroom and we want to help them learn how to behave at school.  We teach students how to sit in their seat, listen and follow directions.  There are things that will help your child absorb as much as they can in their learning environment.  We also want to help your child learn how to treat others and how to treat themselves.  We work on sharing, taking turns, using manners, and much more.  Emotionally, we want to help each student learn how to handle their emotions and how to respond to events.  Cognitively, we work on a variety of things.  We want your child to excel in all areas.


There are so many things to learn and so many ways to learn them.  At the Smart Start, we mix different techniques for the different learning styles.  We use whole group, one-on-one. discussions, visual aids, hand on and exploration.  There is learning in everything a child does and it's important for us to facilitate that.  We want to help your child receive what they need to learn and grow.  We love teaching and love our students!

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