Our Programs


6 wk.-1 yr

There is one infant room ages 6 weeks to 12 months.  The infant rooms schedule will vary day to day child to child.  The schedule is based on the individual needs of each child attending the program.  Each room will prepare the child for the move to the next classroom.


1yr-3 yr

There are two toddler rooms (one room ages 1-2 years and the other ages 2-3 years).  The younger toddler room (Toddlers) will follow a more flexible structured schedule.  The older toddler room (Pre-k Prep) will follow a structured schedule similar to the preschool schedule, so the children are prepared to enter the preschool classroom.  Each room will prepare the child for the move to the next classroom.


3 yr-5yr

Our Preschool Program has 2 classrooms: Preschool, for ages 3-4, and Kindergarten Prep for ages 4-5.  We offer Full and Part-time availability, follow the CT Curriculum Framework and have experienced teachers.  Children will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities and experiences.

Over 5 Club

6yr-12 yr

We provide before and after school care for Kindergarten students and beyond. Members of the Over 5 Club get to choose various activities they would like to participate in.  Activities include: Homework Help, Art projects, Music, Computers, Physical Activities, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Building Blocks, legos, puzzles, and reading books!

Summer Camp

Our mission is to encourage a cooperative environment that focuses on the individual's social, mental, emotional and physical development.  We want campers to experience all aspects of learning while participating in a variety of engaging activities that promote the camper's physical, mental, social and creative well-being.  While campers will learn while having fun, we will also encourage the wide variety of age groups to get along in order to enhance their cooperative learning experience.